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Why Rely on Excella ?

Dedicated, highly trained specialist


We are composed of competent, efficient, credible and certified coding and OASIS specialist.  They are trained in various EMRs and can cater the agency's preferences. Moreover, they can work closely with office staff to ensure an efficient overall workflow. Hence, their performance had been incomparable as evidenced by 98-100% proficiency rate in every review.


Nothing is constant but change


The Home health industry is changing at an unprecedented rate.  Keeping up with the ever changing rules and requirements is difficult under the best of circumstances. It requires constant education and vigilance which our team can guarantee.

Get access to advance claims tracker


Not only we rely on our experienced and dedicated team of reviewers and coders, we also utilize advanced scrubbers to ensure accuracy and efficiency

Gain control and focus on core functions


We will take care of the time consuming work of reading and analyzing medical records. Hence, the office staffs and administrators will be able to free their valuable time and have a breathing room to review their monthly reports and focus on quality care. 


Reduce administrative costs


No need to invest in recruiting, training and retraining employees for medical review and coding as our team gets the job done at a lower cost and at a better quality. Avail our Competitive flat rate per episode .


Get paid faster


With our 48 hours turnover, home health agencies will be able to submit their claims quickly and accurately, therefore, less disruptions in cash-flow with shorter reimbursement cycles.


Prevention is better than cure


Our team is the Home health agency’s first line of defense as we prevent and detect errors, ensure coverage and coding determination, thus reducing Pre|Post ADR Audit Scrutiny

Our team is composed of of the best medical, administrative and coding professionals who are always kept up-to-date on all changes in the market. We ensure that we meet the demands of each clients by fostering open communication and timely submission, without compromising quality of review. Moreover, we allow learning opportunities by providing training (you do inservice?) and rationales to the agency's administartors and clinicians.

With our committed and passionate team of reviewers and coders, Excella Healthcare will be the top and most influential back-office support for majority of the home health agencies not only in state of Chicago but across the nation. We will provide a full range of document review, specializing in OASIS review and coding. We will produce highest quality outcomes, focus on employee excellence through ongoing and thorough education and training, and attain exceptional client satisfaction.

We are a Homehealth Back Office Support company that provides professional services to variety of Home Health agency across the nation. Excellence in medical review is our core value. We believe that through our services, we can provide insights on the strengths and weaknesses of each documentation especially in times of heightened scrutiny.

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