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Rely on Excella to cost effectively mitigate compliance risk, avoid Pre|Post ADR audit scrutiny and assist with the transition to ICD-10, including dual coding, ICD-10 education and coding assistance.

Excella Back Office Support:

 ICD-10 Coders + Transition Team

 Face-to-Face Review

 COS-C Certified Oasis Review | Recommendations

  Plan of Care | Nursing Notes Review

 Therapy Notes Review | Recommendations

 Quality Assurance Reviews

Excella Back Office Advantages:

  Accurate Coding + Expert ICD-10 Transition + Oasis Reviews

 Cost effectively mitigate compliance risk and improve compliance

 Justify case management decisions and reduce Pre|Post ADR Audit Scrutiny

 Expert QA team recommend documentation changes you did not know existed

 Free clinicians to focus on patient care and episode management

 Improve cash flow with shorter reimbursement cycles

 Reduce administrative costs

 Competitive flat rate per episode

 Fast turnaround time within 48 hours

Home Health agencies that stay compliant and run smart will grow exponentially as less viable, non-compliant agencies are forced to close.

Excella is here to help with the following Home Health Back Office Services

Oasis Review:

 48 hour turnaround

 Dedicated nurse oversees entire review process

 Oasis data audited within same document and between previous certications

 Digital conversion of Oasis data

 Analysis and review of original Oasis data

 Review of homebound status documentation

 Risk, accuracy and reimbursement factor provided

 Final review and recommendation


Oasis Coding:

✔  Digital Conversion

 Analysis of the oasis original coding data

 Risk and reimbursement factor base on patient diagnosis

 Accurate assessment and assignment of diagnosis codes

 Certifed coders review and analyze original data

 Coding recommendations for Medicare compliance and maximum reimbursement

 Risk and reimbursement provided for new data

✔  Advanced scrubbing software performs Oasis review and data analysis

 Data is compared by our certified coder and necessary recommendations provided

 Final chart review and process coding data to ensure compliance

 Result is then forwarded to client folder

Plan of Care (485) Review:

 Plan of care data is reviewed by our dedicated and qualifed nurses

 Recommendations made based on oasis data on file

 The plan of care data is then compared to the original data on file

  Review of the combined data and recommendations

 Final chart review and recommendations made

 Review of orders and goals that are patient and disease specific

Nurses Notes Review:

 Electronic access provided to saved and categorized patient files

 Notes reviewed by our dedicated nurses

 Notes are compared with plan of care for content, completeness and measurable teachings

✔  Recommendations are made based on plan of care and the field nurses teachings

 Final review is done and necessary recommendations are made

 Reviewed for any pertinent orders required

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